A wholly Australian owned private company based in New South Wales in the rapidly growing Rutherford Industrial area Androck Engineering is a business established in 2005 as an exclusively based repair supplied company to support the Australasian underground Mining Industry.

Initially starting as specialised component overhauling facility it has now grown into a substantial supply & manufacture operation including the engineering & re-engineering of many problem issues in the underground mining sector.

Androck has a very broad customer base in the Australian and New Zealand coalfields, which includes the manufacture of its own Coal Haulage vehicle which has been sold very successfully into the New Zealand industry.

With a very experienced & committed staff Androck have secured a very strong supportive customer base, and are very committed equal opportunity company striving to supply the highest quality service and components into the Australasian mining industry.


Androck has an exclusive supply contract with a very reputable American company Eastern Mining Industrial Services which includes all gearing and components used in most underground development machinery, this combined with another exclusive contract with long time successful Chain Supplier ACE gives Androck the quality supply to ensure all customers of the very best mining components available today.

Androck have also recently acquired the exclusive distributorship of US based company JK Hydraulics who are suppliers of hydraulic valving on Longwall shields.





The Company

Underground Shuttle Car designed and built by Androck